Break the curse or howl forever. Etienne, son of a lord in kingdom Armorique, goes to train as knight with Geraint Lucanne. is brave and kind, good teacher master – but he has secret that kept from his family. He bisclavret, born werewolf. When betrayed, Etienne must ally local wise-woman her daughter, themselves save lord. But time running out. If Geraint’s enemies have their way, will soon be trapped wolf form.And own secret. The decisions makes change life forever . .Inspired by medieval romance, this engaging novel forces us question everything we thought knew about werewolves.

G. A. Deadwick is pleased to present you a high fantasy novel about the most unexpected heroes in land filled with magic and wonder. Working rotting at whorehouse, Snow Riverstrong does not know importance of her Spellborn blood. It takes visit an old Priest begin journey unforeseen, away from home, into wilderness, across seas Teldaria, on path prevent destruction beloved land. An angry cloud threatens eradicate everyone everything Teldaria. Snow’s duty, duty seven others, such grim fate. In world Urk — flooded whimsical creatures, plagued by witches, marked scars dead, wonder anything possible. Will our adventurers succeed defeating The Black Cloud that afflicts Teldarian lands? Epics Uuruk presents Prophecy Spellborn, eight legendary victory or slaughter, both.

A fate worse than death… By royal edict, Harrison Tannenbay is trapped in his wolf form and exiled from the werekin empire. Sold to a human, forced into body-breaking labor. When he finally manages escape, release others like himself, inadvertently becomes leader of ragtag collection banished werekin. Each has own hopes dreams, but all them claim allegiance Harrison. Koz, starkly handsome mysterious shifter swears surrender himself completely leader, resists. But each day brings pack closer full moon madness, time frantic mating. must either select as mate or find way free most primal instincts.