Winning Back Dad

Pretending to be in love…or building a new future? Nothing wrong with helping out an old friend… But she’s so much more him. When his ex-girlfriend returns home and hires him overhaul her family’s general store, contractor Bo Carter’s determined keep emotional distance. convince boss for good, Toni Redding needs another favor—a pretend romance. As starts fall all over again, might their fake love lead real second chance?

Her first love… When Sarah Purcell ends up in hospital, she’s shocked to find the dreamy doc by her bedside is soon-to-be ex-husband, Cullen Grey! Sarah’s reluctantly released into Cullen’s care, but he’s as emotionally distant ever, and old insecurities bubble over. Surely new life forged for himself Hood Hamlet proves he can live without her? Their second chance? Caring his wife 24/7, this time won’t bury feelings. As tremors of their attraction erupt, has one thing on mind: it’s bring back side—where she belongs.