Why Don’t Fish Drown?

A fun introduction to the world of animals and some nature’s tricky questions

A look at fish and other underwater creatures discusses what a is, if sea horses can gallop, starfish twinkle, jellyfish are made of, facts.

Every time a browser autocompletes our search query, it’s showing us what millions of other people all over the world are searching for. This curious collection showcases very best often strange yet 100{87b8eb106975fd1695ae4485e9298a996ab53ed6cc3cdafc99d6898e16c0c99e} real autocomplete suggestions offered up by popular engines, compiling them into one hilarious, fascinating, and mildly disturbing volume. Each page contains its 10 suggestions, including most least common, from “Why is Ryan Gosling…eating cereal?” to “If Earth round…why shoes flat?” With easy-to-read spreads playful black-and-white line art throughout, Autocomplete provides nearly unfiltered look at actually for when they think no one’s watching.