When Anna Slept Over

Kip, Annie, Grace, David, Ted. Five different people, one terrible night. There’s a storm at Point Nepean, and the ocean has swept into bay. Kip is in wrong place time. Annie scared. David looking. And Grace gone. Enter Ted – with his vintage guitars wild ideas, he’s unlike anyone ever met. As each day passes search mounted, cannot help asking questions of himself, people around him, everything that happened on night storm. But biggest facing are: Where Grace? who Ted?

I didn’t realise that Sue was taking over me. What thought a friendly hand, the grip of devil trying to control She dominating and suffocating. When became aware it, wanted get out her grasp, but she wouldn’t let me go. eight months pregnant; my husband away on business when friend came tovisit. As we were drinking juice, suddenly struck with an unbearable pain – contractions had started. lost all strength could not see properly, it as if floating in darkness, until needle-like pierced arm. begged them call ambulance, they did take any notice heard baby’s cry, “my baby! give baby!” pleaded. consciousness woke, told stillbirth. believe it; know what heard. stole baby.