‘Dear heaven, I’ve got a lot to say you today.’ Many families have experienced the pain of miscarriage but trouble exploring those feelings and sharing them with others in order heal. Kristie Verret is voice for families, especially women, who need know they’re not alone. her husband wanted complete their family another child. She miscarriage, years, baby Elizabeth was kept secret. Tragedy struck again when months into pregnancy lost baby, Sammi, already greatly anticipated by friends, family, big sister. recalls emotional day she buried this healing process finally began. As learns let go, conversations God reveal needed lessons now bravely gives others. Join as recounts story Unforgotten Children shares realizations that helped

This is my story – life from the horrors of war and slaughter to travails change atonement. For much I lived in fear that past would catch up me. hid beliefs prejudices walked among gentle, unsuspecting people a small American town. am, or was, an embodiment madness, atrocity, cruelty horror. had remind myself how behave, react interact with those around could not pick friends, neighbors like associate with. express desires thoughts. do what wanted do. was locked inside mad world without ability make any contribution, as used during before it. Friends neighbors? shunned them. Social groups religious organizations? them well. Often thought it better turn die one way another just get everything over That changed day miraculous when young child came into helped me back life, reappraisal, quest for Jewish. And am former SS officer.

Mystery and romance blend as a man’s search for answers from the past is caught between two women he loves most. Sequel to Secrets.