The Wombats Go on

Meet the Wombats: Naucia’s a bit posh, Audrey’s literary genius, Hughie’s scared of nothing. Ima loves baking, Ollie’s small and fast, Sardinia does magic tricks. Albert knows everything, Dante’s never without his ball, Ava wants to win. Freddie has one eye, Alecia hates Horrie pet rat (or is it an antechinus?). The Wombats are going on their first camp ever, with teachers Mrs Nott Ms Annabel. Join them as they explore, build, cook, perform, climb, jump, scare each other silly have time lives. ‘Roland Harvey master detail – wonderfully chaotic books always surprise.’ Sunday Age

Our favourite group of kids and two teachers are off to the zoo for a memorable day…

A survey of the animal kingdom in which nocturnal and tunneling wombat is awarded greatest praise. Will Cuppy was something like Larry David mid-20th century. From his perch as a staff writer at The New Yorker, observed world found great deal that annoyed him. This collection essays on animals includes “Birds Who Can’t Even Fly,” “Optional Insects,” “Octopuses Those Things”, “How to Swat codifies essentials ten hilarious principles. And three wombats. Perfect reading for perplexed, befuddled, perpetually irritated.