The True Story of Lilli

When Lilli Stubeck, a gypsy girl, is sold to Miss Dagleish, wealthy spinster, she resists the woman’s efforts tame her.

When young Spit MacPhee comes to live with his grandfather, the people of Australian country town St Helen fear for future. Fyfe is a crazy old man, and barefoot has fend himself along riverbank where they live. While some feel that can look after himself, others believe he would be better cared in boys home – when dies one ‘turns’ fierce battle decide Spit’s destiny begins. Featuring new introduction from Phillip Gwynne this Text Classics edition, The True Story much-loved, quintessentially novel readers all ages. James Aldridge multi-award winning author journalist. was born Bendigo family moved Swan Hill mid-1920s. His novels based on real living conditions include 1985 Children’s Book Council Australia Year Lilli Stubeck Guardian Fiction Prize-winning MacPhee. now lives London.