The Sisterhood of the

Four best friends, one pair of jeans and a summer full new discoveries… The unbreakable friendship Bridget, Carmen, Tibby Lena is the backbone this deliciously readable teen novel. Facing their first-ever apart, girls vow to keep in touch by phone, postcard e-mail – sharing “travelling pants”, fabulous old that fits them all, despite different figures. Funny, heart-warming irresistible, THE SISTERHOOD OF TRAVELLING PANTS New York Times bestseller now major Warner Bros motion picture, starring America Ferrara, Alexis Bledel, Blake Lively Amber Tamblyn, with script Delia Ephron, writer You’ve Got Mail.

When teenager Carmen and her three friends discover that a pair of worn jeans from thrift shop provides an uncanny fit for all four them, they decide to form sisterhood, with the pants as symbolic bond friendship among embark on asweet-sixteen summer.

Imprint. Four friends are preparing to spend their first summer apart. When Carmen buys a pair of second-hand jeans, the girls find that despite different physiques, jeans look good on all them. They promise rotate magical dubbed “the travelling pants” and meet again at summer’s end.