The Sea Dog

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In the seventeenth century, England’s future is dependent upon sea. Merchant adventurers and shipping companies seeking to expand international trade, find themselves constantly threatened by piracy on high seas. 1671, after twelve years of service, Lieutenant Martin Denbow decides resign from King’s Navy. Leaving service same day are fellow officer Rodney Carteret chief gunner Humility Flood, each pursue his own ambition. The fortunes affected beautiful but mysterious Helen Fitzwilliam, wife a wealthy ship owner, while Flood becomes emotionally involved with Bess Dawlish, feisty woman colourful past who lost her family business in Great Fire 1666 Black Plague that followed. All experience pleasures horrors period, as action moves London pirate-infested waters Caribbean ruled over notorious buccaneer Henry Morgan, an uncharted island South Pacific. Swordplay, romance, intrigue, betrayal, sea battles abound sprawling saga Sea Dogs, first novel Ken Barnes.