The Ringmaster

From the author of SOPHIE’S WORLD, ‘A masterful mixture fantasy and reality…a simply wonderful read’ SHE. Panina Manina, a trapeze artist, falls breaks her neck. As ringmaster bends over her, he notices an amulet amber around neck, same trinket had given his own lost child, who was swept away in torrent some sixteen years earlier. This tale is narrated by Petter, precocious child fantasist, perhaps Jostein Gaarder’s most intriguing character since Sophie. adult, Petter makes living selling stories ideas to professionals suffering from writer’s block. But as sits spinning tales, finds himself trap making.

Circus people don’t ask who you were before, or what god believe in… when join the circus, are family, whatever your past. Paris, 1940. Twenty-year-old Michel Bonnet lives on edge of law, finding work where he can breaking in horses outskirts city. But Nazis invade, takes refuge as a stowaway rickety train bound for rural south. It’s journey that will change his life forever. The is property Le Cirque Neumann – travelling circus owned by troubled and irritable showman Werner Neumann. offers job caring company’s lucky break, but with an unusual condition attached. must keep to himself never speak sees behind glittering curtain big top. finds pulled into strange wondrous world great spectacular it becomes more difficult promise. Why does man performing monkey speak, sword swallower turn face away? Who silent, shadowy figures flit like moths between wagons sun down? clear keeping performers hidden away… why? And how win love beautiful exotic trapeze artist Freida graceful, green-eyed star Neuman’s he’s been forbidden even meet her gaze? An emotional uplifting wartime novel perfect fans Water Elephants, Nightingale Tattooist Auschwitz.

An ounce of courage. A leap faith. Together, they propel two young women to chase a new life—one that’s reimagined from what might have become. In turn-of-the-century America, girl dreams world that stretches beyond the confi nes quiet life on family farm. With little more than her wit and cigar box treasures, Mable steps away all she knows, seeking limitless marvels Chicago World’s Fair. There, chance encounter triggers destiny—a with famed showman by name John Ringling. quarter century later, Lady Rosamund Easling boards ship America as last adventure before arranged marriage. twenties are roaring, rich famous gather at opulent, Gatsby-esque parties. The Jazz Age has arrived, it, golden era American circus, whose queen is none other enigmatic When Rosamund’s path crosses Mable’s Ringlings’ glittering world, makes life-altering decision leave behind comfortable future estates propriety, choosing instead nomadic trick rider in Ringling Brothers’ circus. novel once captivating, deeply poignant, swirling exquisite historical details bygone Ringmaster’s Wife will escort readers into center ring, its bright lights, exotic animals, dazzling performance can only be described Greatest Show Earth! “Vibrant glamour awe flourished under Big Top 1920s, invites reader [into] Earth.” —Joanne Bischof, award-winning author Lionheart