The Pony Game

Have fun while learning to ride! The Pony Games Book provides you with games play achieve specific horsemanship outcomes. Students who have they are learn more! in integrate easily existing training programs and helpful trainers, parents, 4-H leaders, PonyClub instructors alike. Most of the can be played riding or pony in-hand on ground. Here some examples games: – “In Manner Adverb,” where students try perform adverb/gait combinations like “trot brightly,” “walk sneakily,” “canter mysteriously” “Bumpity Bump Bump” name a body part horse before game leader finish saying “bumpity bump bump” “I’m Thinking an Animal…” get ask questions about secret animal whenever successfully complete small task PONY GAMES BOOK HIGHLIGHTS: You don’t person leader- friends, kids facilitate Students’ skills evolve naturally, nagging not required! Helps reduce frustration when parents teaching their children Each includes tips for gauging improvement horse’s rider’s all personalities po-nalities discipline specific- Hunter/Jumpers, Western Pleasure riders, Dressage riders alike this book home-studiers know what steps need take goals Gives anxiety at shows Great groups individual Why good horseback riding? ideal way teach because directly address ponies learn. Kids stay interested focused, new having these 25 games!

Alice loves horses more than anything else, but the only animal she has is a black labrador named Beauty. Beauty can t trot or neigh do things do, so plays pony game with Beauty, and walks him around yard on bridle. She grooms s shiny coat brush, feeds dry grass along his dog biscuits! When next-door neighbour Kate goes holiday leaves her horse Midnight for to look after, soon forgets all about game. Looking after much hard work though, thinks that maybe having isn bad

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