The Oxford Book of Story

The Oxford Book of English Short Stories, edited by A. S. Byatt, who has published several collections short stories, is the first anthology to take story as its theme. thirty-seven stories featured here are selected from nineteenth and twentieth centuries, authors ranging Dickens, Trollope, Hardy J. G. Ballard, Angela Carter, Ian McEwan, though many draw ingeniously richness earlier literary writing. There allsorts threads connection contrast running through these stories. Their subjects vary sublime ridiculous, momentous trivial, grim farcical. empiricism, pragmatism, starkness, humour, satire, dandyism, horror, whimsy. examples social realism, rural poverty blitzed London; ghost tales supernatural; surreal fantasy science fiction. sensibility, precisely delineated, Hardy’s reluctant bride shocked heroine Elizabeth Taylor’s Blush, H. E. Bates’s brilliant fusion class, sex, death, landscape, D. Lawrence’s exploration a consciousness slowly detaching itself world. exuberant Saki Waugh, Wodehouse Firbank, with particularly range high irony pure orchestrated farce. very scope ofthe collection celebrates eccentric differences excellences Some Byatt’s choices clearly their place in grand tradition story-telling, while others more unusual.Many break all rules unity tone narrative, appearing be one kind before unexpectedly turning into another. They pack together comedy tragedy, farce delicacy, elegance grotesque, language various subject-matter. As Byatt explains: ‘My only criterion was that those I should startling satisfying, if possible make hairs on neck prickle excitement, aesthetic or narrative.’

Presents the work of more than fifty notable Jewish writers from a dozen countries and mid-nineteenth century to present, including Sholem Aleichem, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Cynthia Ozick

Presents a collection of fifty-six familiar and unfamiliar stories by such writers as Washington Irving, Ernest Hemingway, Edgar Allan Poe, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Henry James, Kate Chopin.