The Monster Fish

In the third book in series, hapless, goofy Grampa and his grandson Wiley are for another zany adventure: They’re out to capture Moby Fizz, biggest, bloated, most deformed bass world has ever known–dead, alive or deep-fried. Readers be warned: You’re about see prehistoric fish size of a small town, you’ll witness terrifying pirhana attack, even wearing nothing but grass skirt. That’s right, it ain’t pretty. And easy plunging depths Lake Putrid whale–at least not without help Gramma reunited Gingham County Ladies water skiiing team, Paco, Grampa’s prized pet goldfish.

No one expects Andy to catch anything but a cold when cousin Bob and his parents take him fishing competition. But he catches huge snapper great white shark steals it from him, no believes till Bob’s mum finds teeth in the boat.