The Mobile Phone

Presenting the history of cellular phone from its beginnings in 1940s to present, this book explains fundamental concepts involved wireless communication along with ramifications technology on economy, U.S. and international law, human health, society. The first two chapters deal bandwidth radio. Subsequent look at precursors contemporary cellphone, including surprisingly popular car 1970s, analog cellphones 1980s early 1990s, basic digital phones which preceded feature-laden, multipurpose devices today.

Mobile phones are a ubiquitous technology with fascinating history. There now as many mobile in the world there people. We carry them around us wherever we go. And while used to just speak into them, mobiles do all kinds of tasks, from talking twittering, playing game paying bill. Jon Agar takes pieces, tracing what makes it work, and puts together again, showing how was shaped different national contexts United States, Europe, Far East Africa. He tells story early associations cars privileged, through its immense popular success, rise smartphone. Few scientific revolutions affect such day-to-day way development phone. Agar’s deft history explains exactly this revolution has come about – where may lead future.