The Boy and the Toy

One day a man invented the best toy in world. He gave to his son. The boy thought was marvellous. But as time passed, started wonder. Was it really world? An unforgettable tale that explores meaning of friendship.

A wordless picture book in which a boy comes up with an inventive solution for getting his toy airplane down from the roof.

In this 21st century, technological and social changes have never been as rapid before, educative practices must evolve innovate to keep up. What is being done by educators today prepare future global citizens? are the skills competencies that will be required our students? in how we approach education might need made? This book presents a modern focus on some significant issues teaching, learning, research valuable preparing students for century. The discusses these four sections. first section contemporary, innovative curriculum pedagogical relevant also includes networking has an integrated role within current practice. next then explores around motivation engagement, changing era of change. third debates inclusion contexts, both local. Finally, fourth discourses regard internationalisation globalisation considered educational research. important representation work currently rapidly times. It appeal academics, researchers, teacher educators, administrators, teachers anyone interested globally interconnected world.