The ANZAC Billy

A tender, moving story of a child waiting at home for the return his father from serving in WWI. During World War I, Australian and New Zealand soldiers on front were sent Christmas care packages tin billy. The Anzac Billy is heartwarming little boy packing billy with all father’s favourite things – added to by mum grandma even though he realises there no way that can actually go particular soldier.

This is a well-researched, detailed and compelling story.’?Defender Magazine??Billy Sing was small, dark man _ deadly killer. When, as member of the Australian Imperial Force 5th Light Horse, he thrust onto narrow strip land held by Australians on Gallipoli, witnessed terrible effects Turkish snipers decided to fight fire with fire. Using simple Lee Enfield .303 rifle, began pick off unwary Turks who exposed themselves. Assisted ‘spotter’ would single out targets for him, acquired an unrivalled reputation killed increasing numbers enemy soldiers.??He became known ‘Anzac Angel Death’ ‘Assassin Gallipoli’ considered be most successful sniper feared in Gallipoli.?The Turks, aware his target their own marksman. In duel, fired first ‘Abdul Terrible’.??This vivid account merciless nature fighting Gallipoli Campaign from award-winning journalist best-selling author.

This provocative book is reassessment of Australia’s role in World War I and its relations with Britain.