From the author:When I arrived at Yale Divinity School back in 1988, expected to engage an intense period of discussion and self-reflection around issues like eschatology, evangelism, ecclesiology with fellow Protestants all stripes (with a few Catholics thrown as sort guilty pleasure). After all, despite our theological differences, surely we least bought into this Nicene Creed biz where it clearly states that Jesus was born, died, then rose again from dead? Silly me.Instead way, way too much time spent navel gazing over trivial topics Why can’t priests be promiscuous? What priestly perks come parish? Is YDS Christian’ divinity school? (This Q comes courtesy fundy faithful) my favorite don’t you use ^{87b8eb106975fd1695ae4485e9298a996ab53ed6cc3cdafc99d6898e16c0c99e}$#@ inclusive language worship? (Uh, “dude.” Hello.) just see why creator who loves her creation unconditionally, would bring his son world suffer, die, rise dead unless he knew such act needed transform world. There’s no God have given us gift eternal life so could stage Christian catfights make look biblical buffoons.Yes, can point finger silver tongued televangelists politicians behaving unbiblically. But more cover carnage, realize foolish quest conform Christ’s teachings whims one’s own socio-political agenda has started stink up local churches big time. know born barn but do smell one well? In Died for This? will pick pitchfork muck out spiritual stables signs living Christ hidden under mounds junk faith fertilizer. My search start when first set foot Promised Land January 2007 conclude 2008 election a.k.a. Presidential Land. Along expose emergent excesses, debunk democratic dogma other bunk separates radical rule breaking, love making rabble rouser came save all.

Imagination, adventure, and a big ol’ dose of nonsense! Noah his trusty sidekick, Rufus, are off on another adventure. Join them Spaghetti Mountain as they battle stinky clove garlic, survive the treacherous Swamp Bolognese, have an epic showdown with Noah’s nemesis, The Extra Spicy Meatball fiery breath fury.

Easier Said Than Done is a touching new novel of love and risk, featuring sassy skillfully created cast characters that are so full life, they breathe, dream, shout right off the page. Kingston Phillips, beautiful entertainment executive in fast-paced city Chicago, has finally grasped brass ring. But just as her friends colleagues buzzing with success, must return to Jamaica for grandmother’s funeral. While there, childhood tragedies, heartbreak, family jealousies come back haunt her, threatening shatter dreams. Not only does face college sweetheart who left heartbroken, but grandmother names executor will forces make life-altering decision. Does continue reap success Chicago or stay fulfill dream—possibly risking another broken heart? Can modern woman find balance between successful career responsibilities while enduring bumps along way? Or life really … Done?