Spy Dog 2

Lara’s looking forward to a well-earned retirement from MI5, but her plans relax on holiday are quickly disrupted. In cave by the beach, children stumble smuggling ring. After thrilling high speed chase, Lara makes sure criminals apprehended and everyone is safe. At last she can get back retirement… or she?

Sophie’s new teacher is having some bad luck – first her house broken into, and then the school! But this a robbery with difference thieves don’t steal anything! Super Spy Dog LARA has an A* in catching criminals . can she solve mystery of break-ins before baddies strike again? With pups Spud Star by side, it’s to rescue!

She drives cars. She’s a PlayStation champ. got black belt in karate . AGENT GM451 (or LARA to you – Licensed Assault and Rescue Animal). A gang of villainous head teachers are plotting make their school the very best. They’re creating secret formula, final ingredient is brain child. They’ll stop at nothing (even BANNING playtime) get what they want. Can anyone dastardly plot? Canine super spy Lara sniffs out her most dangerous mission yet when adventure comes calling, what’s Spy Dog supposed do? Readers aged 7+ will love this fast-paced with its witty illustrations!