Solve It!

“…students are presented with a scenario that poses problem to be solved, then provided evidence analyse and assess, asked complete report in which they give their solution justify problem-solving processes.” — Book 1 back cover.

The IT professional is constantly struggling with information overload when addressing Incident and Problem Management situations. They need an approach that would dispense all the different dimensions layers of data to reveal true nature incident or problem as early possible. What & investigators a structured, systematic thinking process helps them discover relevant remove irrelevant information. Imagine having access deliver correct starting point provide you only first time every time? Even better, imagine structured set 18 questions identify what missing therefore reason why cause has not been identified yet. When investigator trusts he she will have more direct approach. “You either know answer question get someone go specific information!” “RESOLVE IT” book structure, on how any situation increase your success confidence levels beyond expectations!

No pleasure lasts long unless there is variety in it. Publilius Syrus, Moral Sayings We’ve been very fortunate to receive fantastic feedback from our readers during the last four years, since first edition of How Solve It: Modern Heuristics was published 1999. It’s heartening know that so many people appreciated book and, even more importantly, were using help them solve their problems. One professor, who a review book, said his students had given best course reviews he’d seen 15 years when text. There can be hardly any better praise, except add one SIAM journal received award as well. We greatly appreciate your kind words and personal comments you sent, including few cases where found some typographical or other errors. Thank all for this wonderful support.