Sandy Feet

When a family spends day at the beach, children investigate various footprints to see what type of creatures live along shoreline. Rhyming text turns sandy beach into an outdoor classroom. The tracks and habits local wildlife, including hopping sandpipers, scuttling crabs, burrowing turtles, are identified explained for young ecology detectives. Even Daddy’s feet make appearance! And day’s end, it’s time tired their way home. STEM-based back matter includes information on how clues like can identify wildlife inhabiting any given habitat.

Sandy Britches and Toes My Jekyll Memories is a collection of memories Island complied by Jeff Foster. Join him as he takes you along on family visits, traveling from the suburbs Atlanta through South Georgia to this wonderful then back home. Some these started before was born continue today. relays stories that span last 50 years. Camping at Cherokee Campground, staying Estates, The Wanderer, Seafarer Motels all bring bygone era. spent many fun filled days beach old North Picnic area St. Andrews Beach. Stories souvenir shopping Pharmacy, Whittle’s Gifts Maxwell’s Hardware, having meals Seafood House, well daytrips Simons Island, Mary’s Fernandina Beach Florida; play part Jeff’s story. also tells changes he’s witnessed throughout years brought both man “Mother Nature”.