Robbers Roost was a hideout for outlaws and hunted men long before Butch Cassidy found it in 1884. The impenetrable wastes wilds of this high desert country southeastern Utah, cut through by canyons along the Green Colorado rivers bounded on west Dirty Devil, discouraged lawmen from pursuit. Growing up ranch that included Roost, Pearl Baker heard many legends about?and talked to who remembered?the notorious Wild Bunch. In 1890s they spread over Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Arizona rustling cattle, stealing horses, robbing banks trains, often taking cover at Roost. Sundance Kid, Flat Nose George Curry boys, Elzy Lay, Gunplay Maxwell, McCarty Peep O’Day, Silver Tip, Blue John, Indian Ed Newcomb?they all come rip-roaring life while courting death Bunch his introduction Bison Books edition, Floyd A. O’Neil, director American West Center University discusses landscape, law Bunch, Baker’s lifelong preparation lively book.

“Morgan has given an entire generation of black feminists space and language to center their pleasures alongside politics.” —Janet Mock, New York Times bestselling author Redefining Realness “All that then some, Chickenheads informs educates, confronts charms, raises the bar high by getting down low, and, steal my favorite Joan Morgan phrase, bounced me out room.” —Marlon James, Man Booker Prize–winning A Brief History Seven Killings Still fresh, funny, irreverent after eighteen years, When Come Home Roost gives voice most intimate thoughts post-Civil Rights, post-feminist, post-soul generation. offers a provocative powerful look into life modern woman: complex world in which often have not-so-clandestine affairs with sexist men, where women who treasure independence frequently prefer men pick up tab, deluge babymothers babyfathers reminds long for marriage traditional nuclear families are reality less than forty percent population, forced make sense truth is no longer white but subtle, intriguing shades gray.

Contains three accounts of the massacre.