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This title was first published in 2003.This highly original and accessible book draws on the author’s personal experience as a musician, producer teacher of popular music to discuss ways which audio technology musical creativity pop are inextricably bound together. relationship, argues, is exemplified by work Trevor Horn, who widely acknowledged most important, innovative successful British record early 1980s. In part book, Timothy Warner presents definition distinct from rock music, goes consider technological developments, such transition analogue digital, transform working practices and, result, impact creative process producing pop.

Growing up in the suburbs of Boston and raised on secular Judaism, Cocoa Puffs, Gilligan’s Island, Peter Bebergal was barely his teens when ancient desire to finding higher spiritual meaning universe struck. Already schooled mysticism by way comic books, Dungeons & Dragons, Carlos Castaneda, he turned hallucinogens, convinced they would provide a path illumination. Was this profound for God—a god believed that could only be apprehended an extreme state altered consciousness—simply side effect drugs? Or it deeper human longing manifesting itself, even country club golf course at edge strip mall? Too Much Dream places Bebergal’s story within cultural history American fascination with mysticism, complex relationship between drug addiction, popular culture, rock ‘n’ roll, occultism, psychology. With captivating foreword Coyote, interviews writers, artists, psychologists such as Dennis McKenna, James Fadima, Arik Roper, Jim Woodring, Mark Tulin, offers groundbreaking exploration drugs, religion, craving spirituality entrenched America’s youth.

Catalogus bij een tentoonstelling over de relatie tussen rockmuziek en avantgardistische kunst sinds zestiger jaren.