No Survivors

Originally published in 1950, No Survivors was the first of Will Henry’s many novels based on historic incident. In it he shows what General Custer’s lonely stand and final moments at 1876 Battle Little Bighorn might have been like, militarily emotionally. Though history books say that only horse Comanche escaped alive, Henry creates one other survivor, Colonel John Clayton—and doomed, too. The fictional Civil War officer who once saved life, Clayton leaves a journal describing his later career western frontier. As civilian scout for U.S. Army, tries to head off Fetterman Massacre. He is captured by Crazy Horse taken into Oglala Sioux tribe. For nine years lives as an Indian—the adopted son Horse, intimate Sitting Bull, husband medicine woman. rides with Indians against white invaders, but has make choice about really is.

Kelton was the perfect hiding place. Until now… A plane crash destroys a house in Kelton. The cause of accident is mystery and all passengers are missing. Jarli has been lying low since crime boss known as Viper threatened his family. But then Truth App uncovers dangerous secret at site–a wants to stay buried. Suddenly target again. There’s no-one he can trust, not even police. He find out what else before it’s too late. Lies hurt, but truth kill…