My Friend, Roger Bacon

Novel for children, the sequel to ‘A Pig Called Francis Bacon’ (1996), which was named a Notable Book by Children’s Council of Australia in 1997. The talking pig Bacon now has son Roger, who is piglet can talk and sing, wants be disc jockey. Lucy try protect him from Genius Gene Corporation. third book ‘Roger Reporting’ (2001). Author’s other publications include ‘The Time Game’ Giant Spiders’.

In this panoramic novel of Friar Roger Bacon, John Cowper Powys displays his genius at its most fecund. First published in 1956, novel, set thirteenth-century Wessex, is an amalgam all the qualities that make unique. The love-story Lil-Umbra and Raymond de Laon, quest Mongolian giant, Peleg, for Ghosta, girl seen, loved, lost on battlefield, are intermingled with historical, theological magical threads which form brocade novel. Dominating mysterious creation Bacon one boldest as well intricate Powys’ world-changing inventions. Professor G. Wilson Knight called ‘A book wisdom wonders’.