Lost in the Sands of Time

Marty Porter’s 13th birthday should have been a day of celebration. Instead, family emergency sends into nightmare from which he fears he’ll not wake. Lost in strange place and time. Who can trust? Can recover his treasure? save own life, history itself? Only time will tell… the Sands Time – an epic adventure historic proportions.

Journey to the realm of dead, transfer Island Blessed, ascension heaven – with innovative theoretical and methodological approaches, myths about change spheres can be reconstructed as narrative materials different variants strata. The new approaches pursued here open up dynamic processes myth transmission surprise proof strata, which reveal an intertwining several levels meaning.

They call themselves the Alcea Rangers. Two fisherboys from Lorgo, a mage boy and his girlfriend Trekum, mysterious girl nowhere, these are Collapse Children who dare to change world. One of them is heir throne Alcea. Another descendent Dark One, must use Sword Heavens destroy evil sorcerer. Which two actually Ancient Prophecy unknown.