Lady’s Jewels

In the fantastical world of Michael Pryor’s new novel, humans live alongside elves, dwarves, werewolves and ogres. Bruno Trask is a human boy with very boring job: he has to parade around local shopping mall dressed as Roger, Smiley Dragon. One day at fabulous collection enchanted jewellery on display. It presided over by Dark Lady, most famous, rich influential Elf in world. Just she’s unveiling main attraction—an old family heirloom called Black Star—Bruno accidentally knocks it out her hand spectacular collision. soars high into air Bruno, again accidentally, puts his catches it. flash light, Star merges becomes embedded middle palm. Suddenly, centre attention. The Lady wants back she’ll do anything get With two bodyguard ogres after him, quickly finds himself run. Will stay Lady’s clutches? And what secret behind Star?

Diamonds, Death, and Devonshire tea… in a magical Regency England Miss Elinor Avely’s proper upbringing cannot prepare her for the tiny, spinster vampire who crashes into sitting room demands to be fed with sheep. already has enough troubles without having catch ruminants. First, secret gift divining jewels landed scandal, exiling from London society. Second, nobleman of dubious repute wants find cache smuggled jewels, hidden somewhere along Devon coastline. Last – worst she is invited cream tea at local manor. And while autocratic magnificent Earl Beresford might there (and perhaps themselves too), last person meet over tea. When dead body discovered cliffs, course, such delicate considerations become secondary. Fortunately, now small vampiric chaperone even if said habit appearing stark naked together they are ready risk hard questions. Where hidden? Who killed smuggler? just when being served? The Lady Jewel Diviner first book new historical mystery series, set generous servings magic, comedy, romance.