Lady Jane Grey : Queen

Lady Jane Grey has often been called the ‘Tudor Pawn’ but to see her as one whose life was simply moved around by others is totally inadequate. This no simplistic and death of a sixteen-year-old girl. In order understand full tragedy triumph it vital grasp far-reaching political religious changes that were shaking England at time. The Reformation touched whole population; from palace university; emerging town peasant cottage. Like pieces jigsaw, come together give picture girl with outstanding natural abilities, strength character remarkable faith shine out despite darkness surrounded her. Execution age 16, paid an awful price for throne she did not seek.

Jane Grey’s tragedy was her royal blood. As Henry VIII’s great-niece she stood perilously close to the throne and from early childhood used as a pawn in deadly power game of Tudor politics. not happy at home – once famously remarked that thought herself hell parents’ company sought consolation studies uncompromising Protestantism fashionable l550s. When it became clear cousin Edward VI dying forced into marriage with son powerful John Dudley Duke Northumberland confronted news king had made his heir. So began reign Nine Days Queen, leading imprisonment Tower execution age sixteen. Alison Plowden reveals insight skill complex intensity woman behind myth, brilliantly gifted child who developing passionate, forceful young woman.

Published information on Lady Jane is scant and contradictory; here, primary sources including JaneOCOs own letters illustrate the drama of a high-born, high-minded intelligent young lady sacrificed pyre ambition by her kin. The teenaged Lady”