Johnny Mackintosh and

When thirteen-year-old Johnny’s talking computer Kovac detects an extraterrestrial signal, his life is set to change for ever. Until then, stuck in children’s home Castle Dudbury New Town, with the nasty cook Mr Wilkins watching every move, football had been only escape. But soon things start happening around him that Johnny doesn’t understand: why mother, who on support a hospital criminally insane, being guarded by sinister looking men? And was journalist murdered shortly after talked him? finds out he has sister, decides run away find her. His search answers takes farther from than could ever have imagined, spectacular journey through time and space. Along way visits new worlds, prehistoric Earth lost city of Atlantis before finally discovering truth about parents really is.

Invaders have exploded the sun’s nearest star. Will death of Earth’s sun be next? While trying to keep up with his school studies and ensuring football team stays top league, it’s Johnny’s job safeguard planet Earth. When invaders turn a nearby star into supernova, Johnny must act protect sun. sister Clara prepare travel in their space ship galactic capital for help, but mission is stalled when discovers that mysterious elder brother Nicky on side . So begins an epic adventure across involving killer clones, spy trial devious alien twins. save brother, Earth, time? Keith Mansfield’s vivid will wow fans action stories science fiction.