In the Zone

Mountain climbers recount serious falls, avalanches, dangerous weather, injuries, and air rescues

‘Being in the zone’ means performing a distinctive, unusual, pleasurable and highly competent way at something you already regularly do: dancing or playing viola, computer programming, tennis much more. What makes zone special? This volume offers groundbreaking research that brings sociological cultural studies to bear on idea of being zone. There is original musicians, dancers surfers which shows far from exclusively individualised private but must be understood as social collective possibly accessible all. The not just for elite performers. Being province athlete who suddenly seemingly without extra effort swims faster jumps higher musician plays more than perfectly, also doctor working under intense pressure programmer staying up all night. meaning such experiences convincing people work conditions, often with short term contracts, explored show how can have problematic effects negative constraining well creative productive implications. Often psychological viewpoint this limit our understanding. provides first in-depth analysis viewpoints drawing range theories novel evidence. Written stimulating style, Culture, Identity Intense Performativity: Zone will strongly appeal students researchers aim understand experience work, creativity, musicianship sport. Issues body are central make book relevant anyone studying bodies embodiment . collection establish an important area enquiry science humani

Twenty-six runners ranging in age from 46 to 76 share their secrets, motivations and experiences the fields of running. All are active many presently hold world age-class records. Some have held records achieved level performances at Olympics, Commonwealth European games. But, Running Zone isn’t about super achievement, it is getting most out running experience regardless or even ability. This book for anyone interested running-related sports, whether they elite wanting keep up newcomers, considering taking middle advanced years. Many contributors didn’t start until were over 40 some achieve best personal 50’s. You will meet men women who a life-long interest as well those took challenges. inspiring one way another something valuable teach, not necessarily running, per se, but rather satisfaction, giving back through voluntarism commitment goal purpose. The was idea editors, Steve King Dan Cumming, has come together Steve’s contacts Dan’s love editorial ability pull story. Both long-term relationship with sport. They both perceived that growing number older involved would answer needs this group women, helping them get fundamental athletic endeavors. For more information, visit author’s blog: