Imagine a City

The first single-volume biography of Berlin, one the world’s great cities – told via twenty-one portraits, from medieval times to twenty-first century. A city devastated by Allied bombs, divided a Wall, then reunited and reborn, Berlin today resonates with echo lives lived, dreams realised evils executed. No other has repeatedly been so powerful fallen low. And few have shaped defined individual imaginations. Through vivid portraits spanning five centuries, Rory MacLean reveals varied rich history its brightest darkest moments. We encounter an ambitious prostitute refashioning herself as princess, Scottish mercenary fighting for Prussian Army, Marlene Dietrich flaunting her sexuality Hitler fantasising about mega-city Germania. result is uniquely imaginative most volatile yet creative cities.

You are invited into a stunning and dreamlike voyage the imagination–ideal for fans of Chris Van Allsburg Caldecott Honor Book Journey by Aaron Becker. Imagine world without edges . where bunnies bears ride bicycles, lions read books, buses fish that fly through clouds. In city imagination, anything is possible, an outing with their mother brings adventure to two lucky children. With simple, evocative rhyming text page after unusual mystical details explore, this story encourages readers open minds dream magical places filled unexpected. Enter past, present, future, wonders exist we never thought possible.

‘A journey around both the author’s mind and planet’s great cities that leaves us energised, open to new experiences ready return more hopefully our lives’ ALAIN DE BOTTON ‘Enriching… Luminous… A touching survey of human dreams endeavours’ PATRICK GALE ___________________ love letter world, from bestselling pilot-author Skyfaring. Growing up in his small hometown, Mark Vanhoenacker spun illuminated globe bedroom dreamt elsewhere – distant, real cities, a perfect metropolis existed only imagination. These places were sources endless fascination escape: streets unspooled, towers shone, anonymous crowds bustled where could be anyone perhaps even himself. Now, as commercial airline pilot, has spent nearly two decades crossing skies planet, down he imagined child. He these metropolises short layover visits repeat month after year year, giving him unique perspective on form urban world. Interweaving travelogue with memoir, celebrates come know through lens hometown heart never left. Exploring emblematic facets each city’s identity sweeping roads Los Angeles, old gates Jeddah, intricate, dream-inspired plan Brasília shows warmth fresh eyes extraordinary billions call home. ‘I absolutely way writes about world; gives you whole seeing’ JENNY COLGAN ‘Will transport back again without leaving your seat’ MARK OVENDEN, author Airline Maps London Underground by Design