Hunting Elephants

Sometimes, when you search for the truth, find you’re just . Hunting Elephants. Harry reads books, he asks questions; he’s a naturally curious young man. So and his parents head out to country Great-uncle Frank’s fourth wedding, prepares himself. He learns what can before they leave. After all, doesn’t want look stupid time in Vietnam War comes up conversation. If it up. But perhaps has more worry about than an old man’s war stories. Is there crazed gunman bush? And what’s being kept hidden caravan behind house? Besides, scars memories guilt of own deal with, which won’t be easy while ever surrounded by truths that sound like lies, lies might true. Like Captain Mack Billy Mack’s War, this novel bravely takes reader into real world, where assumptions we make sometimes dead wrong, things refuse talk bigger imagined.

Excerpt from Elephant-Hunting in East Equatorial Africa: Being an Account of Three Years’ Ivory-Hunting Under Mount Kenia and Among the Ndorobo Savages Lorogi Mountains, Including a Trip to North End Lake Rudolph Of course, I am prepared be denounced as cruel. admit at once that am. This trait is part parcel barbaric tastes which caused me, ‘in my earliest years, stigmatised cruel boy, by tender hearted members family, for ardour pursuit harmless, necessary cat, company with couple equally keen terriers, among farmyards neighbourhood (though bound say cats always escaped into trees or on heights inaccessible ricks). One cannot complain censure kind-hearted people who object altogether taking life – contrary, respect them. But attacks such superior sportsmen as, while themselves giving us graphic accounts their exploits harmless eland, giraffe, other defenceless creatures, write horror cruelty hunting elephants (having not penetrated far enough wilderness get chance) are harder bear. It particularly cruel, they tell us, hunt cow (especially hunter, no doubt). wish one these gentlemen would come show how shoot bulls only, dense cover have sought Africa. By all means let wild animals preserved possible. unfortunately, continued existence incompatible advance civilisation, only way do so successfully making reserves places where effective control can exercised alike over natives Europeans. However, those amiable sympathisers Whom descriptions killed interest, account very nearly me may afford pleasure; if should tempered disappointment because it was successful, hope vengeance yet consummated. Akin heathenish propensity early youth above alluded to, attempt remember made out sight houses secluded common fancy myself uninhabited country; prophecies uttered later period observant Kafirs, noticed development unquenchable thirst prying further remote wastes, effect end dying wilderness, inhabited Wild beasts, smoke could seen horizon round. About Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds thousands rare classic books. Find more book reproduction important historical work. uses state-of-the-art technology digitally reconstruct work, preserving original format whilst repairing imperfections present aged copy. In cases, imperfection original, blemish missing page, replicated our edition. We do, however, repair vast majority successfully; any remain intentionally left preserve state works.

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