Hitler’s Daughter

Did Hitler’s daughter, Heidi, really exist? – What if she did? the bombs were falling and smoke rising from concentration camps, but all daughter knew was world of lessons with Fraulein Gelber hedgehogs rescued cold. Was it just a story or did And If you would horror that occurred be your fault, too? Do things happened long time ago still matter? First published in 1999, HItLER’S DAUGHtER has sold over 100,000 copies Australia alone received great critical acclaim, both twelve counties where been published. also won shortlisted for 23 awards, internationally, including winner 2000 Children’s Book Council Year Younger Readers. dramatised by MonkeyBaa theatre, 2007 Helpmann award Best Presentation Children Drovers Award touring Excellence. Ages 10-14

On a dark night in May, 1945, pregnant woman is spirited out of Europe on U-boat. Now, more than five decades later, proof has been found by White House aide Ted Scott that the silent but central architect resurgence neo-Nazism United States Adolf Hitler’s daughter. Suspected: Sharon Franklin, an ambitious, attractive and nationally known TV anchorwoman. She rumored to have bedmate Secretary State; Congresswoman Leona Crawford Gordon, ruthless, strong contender become first president or vice States; Susan Benedict, wife incumbent president. In dangerous explosive race against time, travels back 1945 discover who HITLER’S DAUGHTER?

On a dark night in 1945, pregnant woman was spirited out of Nazi Germany. Now, 36 years later, White House aide has learned that the silent but central achitect resurgence neo-Nazism United States is Hitler’s Daughter.