Hiding Edith

Hiding Edith tells the true story of Schwalb. The Schwalb family were amongst many Jewish families who fled their homes as Nazi power increased in lead-up to World War II. was sent Moissac, a small town south France where whole village kept secret couple (Shatta and Bouli Simon) ran children’s home area protected identity children stayed there. Eventually is forced close experiences other dangers, surviving tell her tale. Kathy Kacer captures spirit young this dramatic moving account Edith’s personal experience during

The story of Edith Schwalb, a Jewish child fugitive during the Holocaust, who was separated from her family and moved hiding place to while traveling Austria Belgium through France.

Ronald Wilfred Jansen visited Anne Frank’s home addresses in Frankfurt am Main, Aachen and Amsterdam; her hiding place the Secret Annex; Westerbork, Auschwitz-Birkenau Bergen-Belsen concentration camps where Frank was imprisoned. His book describes history objects that today still remind us of environment which she lived. motivation for writing this is it one last opportunities he would have to contact people who knew Anne; these revealed some new facts about world. Other contemporaries also contributed fascinating information surroundings. By tracing footsteps, gained a more complete picture environment.