Grandad’s Teeth

“Help, I’ve been robbed! It’sth a disthasthter!” Grandpa’s teeth, handmade by the finest Swiss craftsman, are gone — stolen from his bedside table! Grandpa suspects anyone who doesn’t smile widely enough to prove that their teeth own. Soon everyone in town is smiling all time and ghastly grins frightening tourists away. Can culprit be caught before whole cracks up Popular Australion cartoonist Rod Clement, illustrator of Edward The Emu Edwina Sheena Knowles, has created rollicking whodunit with surprise ending will have readers grinning ear ear. 00-01 CA Young Reader Medal Masterlist

Neugieriger als Coco, der kleine Affe, kann man nicht sein. Aber das bunte Puzzleteil, er für ein Bonbon hält, hätte lieber verschlucken sollen, denn davon kriegt mächtig Bauchweh. Coco kommt ins Krankenhaus, wo gesund wird und wieder viel Unsinn anstiftet.

When a simple day at the beach with Grandad goes terribly wrong. Grandad’s teeth go on an adventure as big ocean. With mermaids, sharks and pirates, see what happens to teeth.