Forward March

When you see role models like scientists, medical doctors, pharmacists, engineers, pilots, attorneys, pastors, bankers, farmers, may ask yourself a question, ‘Can I also do it?’ am telling now, can. All have to is believe in yourself. Every child has dream that must be achieved with personal discipline, education, prayer, and hard work. Seeing the importance of growth, development, success Latino American children, author Cajetan Ihewulezi created successful solution through his first-hand experience. Forward March Professionalism encourages children start making wise choices about career, friends, activities early life, outlines how every decision can help or hurt pursuit your dreams. offers story along other amusing anecdotes make understand they achieve anything want. By first stimulating mind set solid goals, then lays out an extensive guideline follow order success. He gives hope child, situation. Ngozika Catholic priest. received Master’s degree at Duquesne University Systematic Theology second St. Louis Historical Theology. currently earning doctorate Homiletics Aquinas Institute

Dr. Waters is one of a new breed analysts for whom the interpenetration politics, culture, and national development key to larger integration social research. Race, Class, Political Symbols remarkably cogent examination uses Rastafarian symbols reggae music in Jamaican electoral campaigns. The author describes analyzes way politicians effectively employ improbable strategies success. She includes interviews with musicians, leaders, government party officials, campaign managers. democracy politics are fused its culture; hence advertisements, songs, pamphlets, other documents part picture Caribbean life letters. This volume centers comes rest on adoption context Jamaica’s democratic institutions, which characterized by vigorous campaigning, fraud, gang violence. In recent elections, such violence claimed lives hundreds people. Significant issues dealt this cultural setting: race differentials among Whites, Browns, Blacks; rise anti-Cubanism; Rastafarians’ response use their symbols; current status ideological legitimacy.