Farm Boy

Set on a farm in Devon at the beginning of 20th century, this book is both an evocative and nostalgic read. It story relationship between grandfather grandson very special secret they share involving local farmer, field, horses newfangled Fordson tractor. — author’s website.

Farm boy wakes up in vibrant habitation, grows happily Lion Mountain Nation. His childhood aspirations, is to be business professional and leads life. After Boy graduated from high school, life becomes unpalatable the Instability crops turns upside down nation. He seeks refuge far countries over Sea Ocean, better his dwells with other friends relatives sea ocean. embarks on training course. Soon then he experiences break down, this course put hold. Life so unpleasant for Boy, struggle daily was admitted a mental institution. Medical practitioners’ works all angles Farm’s received care medical professionals, while stay hospital. improves, restore state of good health. religious worship polish associates many, name creator. eventually graduate professional. practitioner, helps do business. an author, husband father, raising kids, keeps family, praising

This autobiography of the first Dean College Agriculture at Cornell University offers an unconventional account farm life in New York and Middle West during nineteenth century, difficulties attendant upon building up a vital progressive agricultural college. Born Seneca County, York, 1833, Isaac Phillips Roberts emigrated west–first to Indiana, where he worked as carpenter until was able buy farm, taught school winters; then, 1862, Mount Pleasant, Iowa, pioneer wagon with his wife, Margaret, daughter. In 1869, became Superindent Farm Secretary Board Trustees Iowa Agricultural Ames, soon Professor Agriculture. 1873, returned take similar position University; shortly thereafer, made Faculty Director Experiment Station. During thirty years service Ithaca, wrote voluminously on subjects, after retirement, penned Autobiography Boy, initially published 1916, reissued by Press 1946, now available paperback. He died Palo Alto, California, 1928.