Charmed LifeChasing the Break

Oceans were long thought to exist in all corners of the Solar System, from carbonated seas percolating beneath clouds Venus features on Moon’s surface given names such as “the Bay Rainbows” and “Ocean Storms.” With advent modern telescopes spacecraft exploration these ancient concepts planetary have, for most part, evaporated. But they have been replaced by reality something even more exotic. For example, although it is still uncertain whether Mars ever had actual oceans, now seems that a web waterways did indeed at one time spread across its surface. The “water” many places our System poisoned brew mixed with ammonia or methane. Even found Jupiter’s watery satellite Europa believed similar battery acid. Beyond Galilean satellites may lie “alien oceans.” Saturn’s planet-sized moon Titan be subject methane ethane rainfall. This creates pools that, turn, become vast lakes and, perhaps, seasonal oceans. has other sense, large shifting areas sand covering plains discovered. also seas, well, along oceans frozen lava. Do super-chilled concoctions ammonia, liquid nitrogen, water percolate surfaces Enceladus Triton? we can only guess possibilities. ‘Alien Seas’ serves up part history, current research, theory offers rich buffet “seas” worlds. It organized location material which various consist, guest authors penning specific chapters. Each chapter new original art depicting alien well latest ground-based images. Original diagrams presents details related processes.

Includes music.