Bowling Blitz

Like a Big Bash League match, this junior fiction series is explosive, entertaining and action-packed! READY, AIM, BOWL! Talented fast bowler Jimmy his sister, Izzy, have just moved from Perth to Adelaide. Both are huge BBL fans – Scorchers, of course but while outgoing Izzy has already signed up the local cricket club, isn’t sure he’s ready be part new team. Especially if they’re all Adelaide Strikers fans! Then one day, run-in with kid dad neighbouring club they want him play for their team, not Izzy’s. The seems seriously desperate something fishy going on . Will find courage join let bowling do talking?

If you agree that physical education should be fun, instructive, and a place where students acquire life skills, then you’ll love PE2theMax: Maximize Skills, Participation, Teamwork, Fun. J.D. Hughes, author of the popular No Standing Around in My Gym, has created 30 never-been-done-before games, tried tested gymnasiums on fields courts Villa Rica, Georgia, he teaches elementary school. These games are designed for large groups–anywhere from to 75 students–but can scaled back easily smaller class sizes. Each game provides all athletic abilities opportunity have active, movement sport skills. […] The PE2theMax student centered, not teacher centered. As such, motivated challenge themselves succeed. inclusive developmentally appropriate. They define what quality PE program New philosophy about: promoting participation lifelong fitness as well self-esteem initiative. Most important, kids’ perspective, “these rock.” –Publisher description.