Boom Bah!

“If you ever wanted to kill your sister, this is the novel for you…Delightful.” —PEOPLE “With snappy style her readers have come expect, Heller (Princess Charming; Crystal Clear) presents another breezy tale of modern women.” —PUBLISHERS WEEKLY Soap opera writer Deborah Peltz can handle any kind drama, so long as its not attached sister Sharon. A wedding planner in Boca Raton, Sharon thinks she has answers everything, but with three divorces under belt, should be last person on planet dole out eye roll-worthy advice heaps. Normally, survives by keeping distance safe bustle New York, when their mother a heart attack Florida, drops everything near her. Burying hatchet challenge and itself, they both fall mother’s handsome cardiologist, winning him over earning themselves an invite his place becomes obsession. But find dead waterfront home, neither wants place. Now prime suspects murder case, must stick together stay alive. Hiding Bahamas may only chance—if don’t each other first.

Magic Words: A Dictionary is a oneofakind resource for armchair linguists, popculture enthusiasts, Pagans, Wiccans, magicians, and trivia nuts alike. Brimming with the most intriguing magic words phrases from around world illustrated throughout magical symbols icons, Words dictionary like no other. More than sevenhundred essay style entries describe origins of as well historical popular variations fascinating trivia. With sources ranging ancient Medieval alchemists to modern stage necromancers, wizards legend miracle workers time, must have any scholar magic, language, history, culture.

Rats and Frauds Beware—Activists Are Coming to Save Democracy Four young activists, Izzy, Zoom, Roxy, Fritz, make it their mission agitate against the decay of democracy. In travels New York, Washington DC, through heartland, they confront our political frauds fools who voted for them. When become target violence in a rural town, engage community find creative entertaining ways shake citizens out narrow-minded lethargy. beware. The activists this fairy tale participate variety whimsical events: A figure reminiscent Pied Piper entices march as rats into Potomac River; an artist paints portrait wannabe dictator incorporates hues from donkey’s ass; ticks way onto scalps white nationalists. Activists confronts turmoil America with satire, bits magic, drumming, art, rhyming, theater. Similar Parkland likes Greta Thunberg, novel’s protagonists are passionate about future take action. If you want change, will novel stimulating amusing.