All Stars 3: Josie, Wing

Welcome to Limbo City… Bundled set of books 1-3 in Angela Roquet’s Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc. series. Meet a reaper who resides City, the capital modern afterlife, where deities from every faith must coexist and work together keep all hell breaking loose Eternity. It’s tall order, up until recently, didn’t realize how much that responsibility rested on her shoulders. If you had Lana’s job, you’d be grim, too. Grab 4-7 FOUND IN LIMBO omnibus, then catch with gang LIFE AFTER DEATH, book one RETURN TO CITY spin-off series! ´╗┐Keywords: paranormal fantasy, urban fantasy romance, action adventure, strong female lead, badass heroine, grim reaper, afterlife comedy, limbo, purgatory, angels demons, gods goddesses, mythology, Greek Egyptian Bangsian

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