A Swim in the Sea

Uses the letters of alphabet to introduce angelfish, dolphins, manatees, octopus, and other fish mammals living in world’s oceans, giving their physical characteristics behavior.

A practical guide to “narrative thinking,” and why it matters in a world defined by data. In The Sea We Swim In, Frank Rose leads us new understanding of stories their role our lives. For decades, experts from many fields—psychologists, economists, advertising marketing executives—failed register the power narrative. Scientists thought were frivolous. Economists knee-deep theory. Marketers just wanted cut sales pitch. Yet stories, not reasoning, are key persuasion. Whether we’re aware or not, determine how we view place it. That means tools professional storytellers—character, world, detail, voice—can unlock way thinking that’s ideal for an age which don’t passively consume media but actively participate Building on insights cognitive psychology neuroscience, shows see narrative terms, as thesis be argued pitch made story told. Leading brands top entertainment professionals already understand vast potential storytelling. From Warby Parker Mailchimp Walking Dead, explains they use establish identity turn ordinary people into fans—and you can do same.