A Pig Called Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon is no ordinary pig. He can read and he talk. When Lucy Russo arrives at her Uncle Reg’s farm for the holidays, she’s in a big (and pig) surprise. meets they soon become friends. However, learns that owned by mysterious Genius Genes Corporation—and they’ve got plans him. What sort of future does face? Will rescue him? And will she ever manage to shut him up?

Reissue of a novel for children first published in 1996 and named Notable Book by the Children’s Council Australia 1997. Staying with her aunt uncle on their pig farm holidays, Lucy discovers new barn high-tech equipment, inside, Francis, talking pig. As befriends she wonders what pig’s owner, mysterious Genius Genes Corporation, has planned Francis. Also reissued are 1998 sequel, ‘My Friend Roger Bacon’ (1998), as well story, ‘Roger Bacon Reporting’.

Novel for children, fourth in the Francis/Roger Bacon series that began with ‘A Pig Called Francis Bacon’ (1996), which was named a Notable Book by Children’s Council of Australia 1997. Talking pig Roger decides to take break from reporting order find home his family. So, and friend, Lucy Russo, tour clubs as ventriloquist act try win big prizes on popular national quiz show, ‘Pick Porky’. The other books are ‘My Friend (1998) ‘Roger Reporting’ (2001). full-time author’s include ‘The News Aliens’ They Didn’t Use’.